I am a 3D designer,  working between digital and physical media.

I’m a creative who is inspired by all things digital, I specialize in exploring computational geometries, creating digital media in the form of unique still and motion graphics which inspires my physical finding of form and materiality in my sculptural work.

I am a recent graduate from Manchester School or art where I studied three-dimensional design, here I worked as a generalist across mediums, which has given me a broad understanding of materials which I use to translate my digital into my physical work.
My digitals skills are most focused on Maxon's Cinema4D, using corona renderer, but I also use Blender, fusion 360 and Rhino. 



Kimber BMX and Skatepark, London, 2017
Here I exhibited an early work  in the form of a table made from recycled skateboards to a pubic audience.

Epsom Creative Art Galley, Epsom, 2018                                                                                                         

Here I curated and exhibited my interactive light installation, 'RGB', for a public audience.

Design and craft centre, Manchester, 2019                                                                 

A curated exhibition of my work 'Catenary Lamp', as part of a collaborative project, working to create a capsule collection. 

Next Door Records - Motion Graphic work for new year 2020-2021

'Out Of Place' logo design and animated loop 


Currently studying Three-Dimensional Design at Manchester School of Art.

Foundation Diploma at UCA Epsom - Merit* 
A level's studied at Saint Cecilia's Wandsworth:

Biology - C, Mathematics - C and Product Design - B